Start  your Blog with Paywall and Payment functionality now!

How can I start my Blog!

The steps to start are really easy. No technical knowledge required!

  1. Register your Webspace at
  2. Select your preferred  payment method to receive payments
  3. Post Text and/or Images
  4. Inform your followers about your new site
  5. See the payments coming in your account the same time the follower pays. They pay you directly!
  6. At the end of the month you pay the minimal provider fee to CPV.Agency

We support payment on invoice, Stripe, Paypal,, Braintree Payments, 2Checkout and Cybersource as a payment provider. You are able to enter your account of one of these payment providers or your bank account for wire transfer by yourself, depending on which payment method best suits you and your offer. Your followers pays directly into your account!

What is allowed and who can run a blog?

The Start is easy and 15 minutes after your website is activated by us you can get started. Simply select and set payment options, as well as add imprint, GTC and data protection information. Then you can start immediately and post in the respective categories. The money comes directly and without detours to your account!

We allow everyone to make money with their followers without any detour and Followers can support you directly. We allow

and much more.

Only non-adult content may be posted in the public area. In the Silver and Gold subscriptions areas content for adults is allowed, but no laws may be violated.

And best of all:

no technical knowledge is necessary! The complete setup is done by CPV.Agency. With your username and password you get into intuitive management. In addition, our FAQ section offers a lot of information and our support helps you via the Ticket System.

You can post and manage from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC and any other devices.

All Details in the FAQ