CPV Agency

CPV.Agency and ready-to-go Blogs for animal welfare!

During Beta-Operation we have been asked very often whether it is possible to use the advantages of CPV.Agency Webspaces also for animal welfare.

Our owner and founder of CPV.Agency was itself active in animal welfare and has a very big heart especially for big black dogs. Therefore, it is a matter of course that CPV.Agency is available for animal welfare. The image shows Arnold, in memory of a very special Rottweiler.

The advantages are obvious:

  • ready to start in 15 minutes
  • Multi-lingual posting possible, currently English and German
  • Published posts can be categorized in the groups Free, Silver and Gold
  • Creating more categories to make it easier to find animals is supported
  • Supporters can regularly support the organization by subscribing to the site
  • Payments from supporters go directly to the organization’s account
  • Through recurring subscription payments, there is a certain income security for the organization
  • Interested parties can respond directly to Postings from a hostel-seeking animals
  • Organizations may restrict information to Silver or Gold subscribers

And the promise of our owner:

3 months all operating fees for the web space are waved by credit note to avoid any costs!

Just contact us if you have any questions!

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