CPV Agency

NEW: Affiliate Program for Bloggers!

At the request of the CPV.Agency bloggers, we have created a affiliate program for you with additional passive income opportunities!

Every new blogger account at CPV.Agency now automatically receives a affiliate ID, which can be passed on to friends and other bloggers. You can find your ID in the management section under account data. At the end of the page there is a link to the affiliate report, on which you can also find your affiliate ID. In order to benefit from payouts based on new registrations, you should pass the link on https://cpv.agency/webspacemanagement/?pa=5734DE03CD, of course with your partner number. This will assign the registration to you and appear in the partner report. Instructions can be found on the affiliate report page.

We are happy that our bloggers are so active and hopefully our team has met all of your requirements!