Investor Relations:

Compared to many Startups CPV.Agency is owned by a capital company that is specializes in IT solutions and has been successful for 35 years. As part of the project launch in July 2019, there would have been a first opportunity for investors to participate in this multi-million euro project.

Due to the hesitant behavior of the former interlocutors, the owner of the capital company decided to cancel the talks and bring the project into the Beta phase without investors. After over 12 months of development time CPV.Agency starts as planned in Beta operation in November 2020.

As part of the expansion of the server cluster and the bandwidth, there is once again an opportunity to apply for participation in this project.

We are happy to talk to you about the extremely profitable prospects of the CPV.Agency Project. However, you should be as enthusiastic about the idea as we are and also understand that, due to the unique opportunity, we request proof of capital before starting the talks.


CPV.Agency offers Influencers, Models, Photographers, Artists, Authors and many other Content Providers the opportunity to earn an income with their followers or to be supported by them. In particular, people with a large follower base could greatly enhance their income. At CPV.Agency the payment and the processing of business transactions between is done between the Follower and the Content provider. The diversion of Fans from the major networks to CPV.Agency, where Content providers make money independently with their followers, brings many an additional or main income. Otherwise, large providers make money with the uploads and the followers, but the Content-Providers usually do not make money.

CPV.Agency allows content for adults in the Pay Area and thus sets a unique selling point, which neutralizes the mass of the potential competition.

Technical Implementation / Unique Setting:

The owner Corporation is specialized in IT solutions for 35 years and has set up an easily expandable Server-Cluster and Software for this solution.

Due to the immense knowledge required to secure such servers and the programming and setup costs, it is difficult for smaller competitors to start a similar project. The large providers do not allow adult content and therefore also exclude this business.

In addition, payment is made directly from the Follower to the Content provider. I. E. there is more than one unique selling point is given.

The practical implementation:

The Models and Content providers post texts and images (possibly also videos in the future) in the areas of Free, Silver and Gold on their Sub-website. Followers can subscribe to Silver and Gold content for a fee. The business relationship arises between Content providers and followers.

All participants in the project try to direct the highest possible number of visitors to the Server.

CPV.Agency sends an invoice to the Content-Providers at the end of each month, consisting of basic fee and price per Follower.

Payment / Plan:

Managing member payments, server management and technical infrastructure with fast internet lines and sufficient bandwidth cost quite a bit of money. Content-Providers have to make no Investment. Followers can pay directly to the Content-Providers in various forms.

During the Beta Phase payment on account, Stripe, Paypal,, Braintree Payments, 2Checkout and Cybersource are supported as possible payment providers. Further payment providers, especially specialized in adult content, will follow. Currently we are talking to Payment Providers to select serious offers for the Content-Providers.

The Models and Content providers pays € 9.90 plus 1 € per Silver Follower and 2 € per Gold Follower to CPV.Agency per month based on the number of followers on the billing day. I. E. if the membership costs € 9,90, or € 19,90 excluding VAT, then € 8,90, or, € 17,90 excluding VAT remain with the Content provider.

With 1000 paying Silver Followers per month, this is € 8,900 per month for the Model or Content provider. In this sum the payment of € 1.000,– for this month to CPV.Agency is already deducted.

Based on the numbers of the only significant competitor, the plan within the foreseeable future is to unite about 10,000 content providers and around 2,000,000-4,000,000 million registered users under the umbrella of CPV.Agency.

What Content is allowed:

Public, means without payment, only youth-free!

In the payment area, adult content is allowed!


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