IBICADI.com, the platform for everything around photo and video production goes online!

Brand new!

Finally a cool-platform for photo and video projects!

IBICADI.com is aimed at photographers, videographers, producers, models and actors, as well as authors and suppliers of products for everything to do with photo, video and film production. Karl, President of EURAFRI.com, the operating non-profit organization, founded CTS GMBH in 1985. He himself has been involved in photo and video production for many years and has always missed a professional platform for this area. In particular, a professional opportunity to assign pay jobs, advertise castings and bring project participants together has not been found anywhere on the Internet.

IBICADI.com is different!

We put quality before quantity!

A big problem on the Internet is that spammers and trolls place loads of useless offers on free platforms, annoy people with spam and much more. Due to the professional activity on the Internet since the beginning of the 90s, all components that attract this useless group of spammers and trolls were deliberately omitted.

No newsletter but Mastodon

We do not offer a newsletter because we do not want to collect any data from our readers. But since we know that a new open source possibility to inform our readers is emerging, we of course have our own Mastodon instance in the CTS group. Mastodon is a decentralized open source microblogging solution, ala the centralized twittering, in which the user has control over his data and no central provider filters the ad. Follow us here and be in control of your data!



Information about mastodon can be found at https://joinmastodon.org .

No messengers with readers, but matrix

With Matrix as the messenger server and Element.io (formerly Riot.im) as the matrix client, there is an excellent and decentralized open source messaging platform. Messaging and telephony, end-to-end encrypted in one system in which several devices (PC, mobile phone, tablet, ..) can be online at the same time. As with e-mail, everyone can operate their own server and communicate securely with others. Further information and links can be found here:

Also visit our room #ibicadi:matrix.ctseuro. com in the matrix! We will try to handle all projects in the matrix.

We only use the free Element Matrix Client (formerly Riot Matrix Messenger). You can do this for Windows, MAC, Linux, IOS and Android at https://element.io/ get-started download. Alternatively, you can open the room with the browser at https://matrix .to/#/#ibicadi:matrix.ctseuro.com enter.

We hope for active participation!

The Ibicadi.com team

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