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Open-source-based community

IBICADI.com is aimed at photographers, videographers, producers, models and actors, as well as authors and suppliers of products for everything to do with photo, video and film production.

independence-of-the community from IBICADI

Using the Element Matrix Client (formerly Riot.IM) Open Source Messenger gives a complete Independence of the community from the IBICADI website. Anyone can participate in the community with their matrix account, including operators of their own matrix servers. We are convinced that an independent community can be far more successful!

An additional-possibility to present yourself as a model or actor!

The forum on the IBICADI.com website offers an additional opportunity to assign pay jobs, advertise castings, present yourself as a model, actor, photographer or video producer and bring project participants together.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderators in the room #ibicadi:matrix.ctseuro.com, which can be entered from any server with /join #ibicadi:matrix.ctseuro.com .

Sample content:

  • Short text
  • Specify size, weight, hair color, etc.
  • Recording areas
  • Your place of residence
  • Fees (optional)
  • Links to your website, or social media
  • Contact options (email, phone, messenger, etc.)
  • Landscape format image in JPG format, at least 1280x800px, for which you have the publishing rights. The picture must show you.

register online!

Register for free: Submit people, job, event or PR texts! Create model and actor profiles and introduce yourself. Advertise jobs, present your own achievements and announce events! In order to maintain the high quality, the editors decide which articles are to be posted online.

Transmit data here:

The better you make the above information, the more attention you will get.

We hope for active participation!

The Ibicadi.com team

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