IBICADI Community in the matrix (projects, pay jobs, presentations, updates)


Since the use of data collection messengers, apps and software solutions is now considered undesirable in the professional user area, we have decided to set up the “IBICADI Community” in the matrix for communication within the framework of the website and the forum. The free open source Element Matrix Client is available for Windows, MAC, Linux, IOS and Android ( https://element.io ) and a perfect tool for online collaboration. There are public rooms in the community, and participants can also start a direct chat or organize projects in separate and optionally also hidden rooms. If desired, rooms of community members can also be added to the community list. Element is independent of Ibicadi and can be used as a replacement for insecure messengers from central providers (data collectors).

As a long-term search option and for posting jobs and sedcards, the forum is available on the website at https://cpv.agency/ibicadi/forum/ . With the addition of the communication with the Element Matrix Messenger, a perfect symbiosis was created.

The topics of the community

  • Photo and video
  • Pay jobs for models (m / f)
  • Pay jobs for actors (male / female)
  • Presentation of models and actors
  • Carry out projects together
  • Rooms by region to get a better overview.
  • general discussion rooms
  • More at the request of the user (address admins or moderators)

For the impatient

  • Free download of the app from https://element.io
  • Register for free and without personal data account
  • Log into the app with user / password
  • Your address will be @USERNAME: matrix.org
  • Simply enter the community reception room with / join #ibicadi: matrix.ctseuro.com
  • If you have any questions, just post in the forum

Everyone else read on …

Element.io Info

Instructions can be found below for those who do not yet use the Element Matrix Client as a messenger. The most important points:

  • The Element Matrix Client is free and open source.
  • No personal data such as e-mail or telephone number required when registering on the public server! Nobody is interested in the data here.
  • Everyone can, if interested, operate their own Matrix Synapse Server and connect it to the Matrix
  • When encryption is activated, nobody can read along on the server either
  • Available for IOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Several end devices can be online at the same time
  • Potential to keep almost any communication in one software
  • Encrypted telephony, including video telephony, possible between the participants

Element room info for the Ibicadi community

As usual in the Element Matrix Client, the Ibicadi community can be received by entering:

/join #ibicadi:matrix.ctseuro.com

in the chat box or via the server’s room list. The reception is open to the public and serves as a welcome room for those interested. Should problems arise, just post questions in the forum.

Please contact one of the moderators or admins in the room to receive an invitation to the community and thus access to the other rooms.

Please send room proposals or requests to become a moderator to the administrators.

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