CPV.Agency and EURAFRI.com start Wuff-Miau.Club

As part of the beta operation, we have now been asked very often whether it is possible, due to the many advantages of the CPV.Agency blogs and webspaces, to use them for topics related to dogs, cats and animal welfare.

Our owner and founder of CPV.Agency was actively involved in animal welfare and has a very big heart, especially for large black dogs. It is therefore a matter of course that CPV.Agency is available for this. The non-profit organization EURAFRI Networking operates the project.

Wuff-Miau.Club received an adapted CPV.Agency solution:

  • Fully integrated forum in order to avoid “getting lost in mass postings” compared to large platforms
  • Free registration and use of the forum
  • Supporters can regularly support the organization by subscribing to the site
  • Payments from the supporters go directly to the organization’s account
  • Interested parties can reply directly to postings from animals looking for a hostel

And the promise from our owner:

ALL operating fees are payed by EURAFRI and CPV.Agency!
Donations from silver or gold sponsors are donated to a charitable cause!

We are looking for moderators:

At the beginning we are looking for moderators for the forum. If you are interested, just post in the appropriate forum!

If you have any questions, just contact us!

https://cpv.agency/faq/kontakt- to-cpv-agency /


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